Wednesday, May 30, 2012

smokin' blonde

I don't know what it is, but lately I have been seeing the potential in my friends as models. 

First there was Benike - we did some fabulous beauty together.

And now I have taken Jana Hecht as my next victim in front of my camera. And man did she blow me away! 
I got amazing make up artist Colleen van Rensburg on board. We worked together on the Frieda shoot and it was such a success I had to work with her again!

So on a Thursday afternoon here in Cape Town it was then time to shoot! We remained at Jana's little cottage and worked with the great spaces, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the garden. 

Grunge was the feel I was going for, which added that she is a huge rollie smoker, so we incorporated that into the shoot. 

Have a look at the model Jana... Smokin' Blonde!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Playful Contrast

This shoot is probably one of the longest mind lingering concepts I have had. Been meaning to do this for ages. 

Then finally I got the chance to work with brilliant stylist Stacey Dunn from Bird on a Wire.
And man did she pull out all the stops... Having worked for David LaChapelle (prob one of my favorite photographers) in the past, this was nothing out of the unordinary for Stacey.
Blow up animals was the direction we were heading to.

We had stunning model Yolanda McLellan from Base Model Agency Cape Town. Yolanda is originally from Spain and wowed us on the shoot with her natural moves and appeal.

And of course beautiful Kirsten Murphy joined us on set, giving us beautiful faces as per usual!

Def one of my favorite fashion shoots to date!

Have a look what we came up with...

Friday, May 18, 2012



my favorite day in the office would probably be a photo shoot down at the beach. i thoroughly enjoy shooting swimwear. 

today looks like a grey winters day here in cape town, so i thought i'd warm us up with some of these images... and also Sports Illustrated are shooting the finalists of the New Model Search, of which Samantha Laura Kaye is one of them! Go girl!!!!

here are some of the swimwear shots from this year thus far...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

grunge jess

grunge jess

Jesse Beth graces us with her beauty once again...
Follow her awesome blog SmallGlory...

I recently saw this dark, empty room/space and thought it would be perfect for a grunge shoot. Loved the retro mattress, the white walls, fluorescent light and that outdated air-con unit. They completed the whole feel.

Hope you like this different, yet raw series...

retro cosy

retro cosy

Jesse Beth is such an amazing girl and a brilliant model too! Follow her amazing blog here.

We took the opportunity to shoot at this amazing house of a friend of mine. What a grand space! Will def shoot there again. 

We played, had some fun, had some tea in the cold rain, cuddled under blankets and all that jazz that goes with a fun and relaxed shoot amongst friends.

We had the pleasure of having Samantha Laura Kaye's gorgeous make up skills on set. 

Aaand shooooot :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

beauty with benike

Beauty with Benike

Benike is one of my oldest friends, going all the way back to pre-primary. She has the most beautiful long strawberry blonde hair, freckles covering her face, with a great set of eyes! She is a true beauty! However, it took me this long to finally bring her in front of my camera to create some magic.

One sunny afternoon, lovely Kirsten Murphy had the chance to yet again apply make up to another gorgeous face.

LOVE the results. Go TEAM! :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

at the cottage

At the Cottage

Recently I got the opportunity to shoot gorgeous model (who I've shot before couple of years back)FRIEDA from ICE MODELS CAPE TOWN.

I chose to work with a make up artist who I've only heard great things about, however never gotten the opportunity to work with, Colleen van Rensburg from Bird on a Wire.

We created a homely feel, hung up some laundry and shot away :)

romantic blacks

Romantic Blacks

Meet Daisy from Base Model Agency Cape Town. She is originally from London, stunning red head and perfect for being the romantic in the gothic forest. 

Styling done by amazing Megan Lauren Mathee.
Make up by gorgeous miss Samantha Laura Kaye aka @slkaye on Twitter.

We shot in the jungly Glen Forest close to Camps Bay.