Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sultry Lee-Ann

Recently took Lee-Ann in front of my camera and captured her sensuality. Keeping it simple, natural and beautiful were the important factors and just capturing beauty at its best!
Nicole Grant was our fabulous brush wizard and made Lee-Ann even more flawless.

Lee-Ann moved like a dream!

Hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jade unveiled

Jade hit the nail on the mark when I said I wanted to capture romantically sensual, ethereal shots! <3
LOVE the grain, feel, exposure of film! Like I said before, it's intangible to digital!
Previous blog post Glistening Jade displayed all the digital shots from this shoot.
These are by far my favorites. Shot on Black & White 400 ISO Temax film.
Thank you ORMS for processing and scanning :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Glistening Jade

I think the b&w film bug has hit me! Last week I ventured out with fabulous Jade in to the forest. It was slightly chilly, but the sun kept making a warm appearance.

Jade who is also a stylist, has styled most my shoots this year - she is brilliant at what she does. Now it was time to grab her gorgeous self and put her in front of my camera. Been dying to shoot this girl for a while now. HERE is Jade's modeling portfolio with D&A Model Management
HERE some of her styling work on Facebook - make sure to LIKE.

I took my DSLR with just in case I would want to add some extra shots to the story, seeing as film only has 36 snaps per roll and I only packed one B&W Temax ISO 400 film. Right after the shoot I dropped off the roll at ORMS to get processed and scanned to disc. In the meantime, while I waited, I loaded the images from my DSLR onto my iMac and was pleasantly surprised with the shots. I kept all images very raw and un-retouched as this was the feel/look I was going for. I just added a little grade. 

Jade glistened in front of the camera and it was an absolute pleasure working with her. Keep your eyes peeled for the film images from this shoot.

Monday, May 27, 2013

back to basics

Getting tired of the typical digital work flow, I decided to venture out and explore with black and white film again! I still have plenty of film left in my fridge attained from my college days.

Keri, a dear friend, agreed to be my model for the day!
Being limited to only 36 shots a film - it sure gets you thinking again. Digital sure makes it easy to be trigger happy :)

The best thing about film - is the anticipation of getting it back! The wait! Wish I were back in the darkroom to print these, however as is will have to do! Also, the GRAIN is the BEST thing about film. It creates a feel that's intangible to digital.

Here the results. Hope you enjoy :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Nadine rocking swimwear

Clifton is by far one of the most stunning beaches here in Cape Town!

Taking Nadine from Germany to Clifton made for impeccable swimwear shots!
My brush wizard Nicole Grant was on set to beautify everything!