Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jade unveiled

Jade hit the nail on the mark when I said I wanted to capture romantically sensual, ethereal shots! <3
LOVE the grain, feel, exposure of film! Like I said before, it's intangible to digital!
Previous blog post Glistening Jade displayed all the digital shots from this shoot.
These are by far my favorites. Shot on Black & White 400 ISO Temax film.
Thank you ORMS for processing and scanning :)


  1. Beautiful shots Kass. We imagineers had Jayde in for a shoot at butterfly studios lst week, and she was charming and beautiful. Stunning captures, and respect for shooting on film.

    Jason Paul Hermann

  2. Wow Kass. So amazingly beautiful. I agree with you. The film grain is great.

  3. Beautiful work as usual. so glad you got to shoot with film! I remember us chatting about it last time and wow.