Monday, February 25, 2013

hair tug wars

Camilla Jönsson is a magnificent hair stylist and make up artist all the way from Sweden to spend season in Cape Town with Gloss Artist Management. Her work is polished, well groomed and just outstanding to say the least!  
We decided to collaborate together and do some concept work. The concept was simple - hair tug wars. Both models hair were twisted together, in the end being attached to each others hair. And so the hair tug would begin...

We chose models from Full Circle Model Management. Initially we wanted a black girl, however settled for a blonde and a brunette, namely local model Charne and Dutch model Natasha. These two battled it out!

Styling was done by me - kept very simple. On the day of the shoot, Camilla was feeling a little ill and we had run behind schedule, I jumped in to help out. In the end I ended up doing all of Natasha's hair - however Camilla did the final touches. 

On the road we were to the Taal Monument in Paarl. Let the brawl begin....

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  1. GORGEOUS! those bleached brows...i die