Monday, September 24, 2012

aaaaand the WINNER is....

The winner of my 'Be you. You are beautiful' competition is.....


Here her beautiful answer:

I love that I’m quirky, I love that I’m flawed,
I love that my life will never be bored.
I don’t look like others; I don’t fit the mould,
But honey my body, can keep you from the cold.
I love that I’m curvy and not a size two,
Not to say that I’m gigantic and belong in a zoo.
My hair touches my shoulders just like little kids do,
Yes you guess right, I’m under the metre 2!
Pick me to win the shoot, I’m sure to entertain,
I’m humble and down to earth, very far from vain.
I look forward to your email, should I win this one,
Look forward to the announcement, good luck all this should be fun!

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