Monday, September 3, 2012

be YOU

You are beautiful!

YOU have a chance to WIN a photoshoot with Kass-Photography to the value of R2500 !
 Here's your chance to capture your beauty and youth by a professional photographer.
You don't have to be a model to be beautiful!

Anyone in Cape Town between the ages of 18-30 can enter! 
You get a whole day's model treatment. 
Hair and make up done professionally. 
Styled to make you look your best.
And then it's off to shoot. (Studio and/or location)

How to enter:
'LIKE' the Facebook page and/or follow KassPhotography on Twitter AND then enter via the blog and answer this simple question (with email address):
What do you love about being you?

If you're having troubles entering in the comment section, please don't hesitate to send me an email with your answer.

The competition will be running for 2-3 weeks. Closing date 21/09/2012
Winner will be contacted directly!

Terms and Conditions

Have to be between the ages of 18 and 30 to enter
Have to answer the question by going on to the blog and entering your answer (with email) in to the "comment" section.
Have to like the Facebook page and follow twitter handles to be considered. If you fail to do that your entry will not be considered.
Travel expenses and accommodation will not be paid for entrants from out of the Cape Town area.
RT the competition details once entered
Only one entry per person
Open to residents from Cape Town only
Prize only entitles final images
Closing date 21/09/2012


  1. My ability to change.

  2. I love my Ability to Adapt, Survive and Love life! All at the same time <3

  3. What I love about being me is that I am "me". To put that better, once I stopped trying to being anyone else or change for others when I truly found out who I really am. I feel so much happier and more comfortable in my skin.

    FB Abby Stiletto
    Twitter @Onestiletto

    Amazing competition!

  4. I'm weird, I'm dorky, I'm a freak - the eternal outsider. I don't do well at social gatherings. I usually say what's on my mind because I can only live my truth. Being honest and to the point usually gets me into trouble but I would rather be judged by a few fake people than live a fake life. I have many faults but I accept who I am because at the end of the day, if I can't, how can I expect others to?

    FB: Amy Kaye
    Twitter: AmyKayeSA

    Good luck to all your beautiful people :)

  5. I am me. There is only one of me, then why should I not love me?

    FB: dungagirl
    TW: dundagirl

  6. My Wonderful personality and would love everyone to see it in a fantastic photo-shoot.. I'm pretty fun and loving :)

    Email :

  7. I am a strong, passionate, loyal and dedicated individual. I have high standards but a soft heart that embraces just about everyone. I am a single mother of the most compassionate soul that I have been blessed with and entrusted to nurture.I might be small in stature but I am big on personality.


  8. That through it all I can smile, even with tears in my eyes, if you need me to be strong I can be

  9. I love the fact that no matter what obstacle I have had to tackle in life, it has made me a stronger, more ambitious person. I love to laugh. I love the fact that I am real. And best of all, I love that I have discovered all these things about myself, because we can be our harshest critic! I would love a photo shoot.. I feel I'm worth it! @ms_melrob

  10. I love that over the years, all the lessons I have learned, as well as the ones I learn everyday, are continually making me a stronger and more positive person. I have learned to take life by the horns and live each day as if it were the last. I am completely comfortable and happy with who I am, and I wont ever let anyone or anything change that!

  11. HA! This is a tough question...
    I love that I have so much love to give. That all my girls know that my couch and wine is theirs whenever they need it. I love that my strength comes from within that the challenges I have had in life haven't defeated me but have rather educated me and enabled me to give advice to others when they have tough times.
    Also, there is only one photo of myself taken EVER that I have actually liked, so it would be pretty rad to have a new pic to give my gran :P

    Tweeder: @Cara_CT

  12. The thing I love most about being me is that there is only one me to be. We all share simliar things (two eyes, ten toes etc) but only I can be Leanne, Leanne who is slightly untidy but OCD about germs, Leanne who is quick to anger but also quick to admit when she's wrong, Leanne who loves change but misses her comfort zone. The thing I love about me are these opposites that make up who I am.

  13. Umm, probably my confidence. But more importantly, the fact that I (embarrassing) do not have ONE professional photograph (or decent one) to send to anyone when requested. Nothing. So this would be an absolute treat!! Holding thumbs super-tight.

    Twitter: @toritatham

    Fab competition :)

  14. What do I love about me? That I am a vivacious, optimistic and inquisitive young person :)

    Twitter: @vintagevixenct

  15. My positive outlook on life ... I always try make others see the glass half full, always full of smiles and try to see the best out of any situation. My ability to move forward, never have regrets and learn from all my life experiences has brought me to this point where I feel strong enough to tackle and overcome any circumstance because with the right attitude it ca.n be done.

  16. "There is no-one alive that is you-er than you!" - Dr Seuss. And that is why I love myself - because there is no one else in the world that can be me as well as I can ;) I choose to live by my mantra of being the best version of myself that I possibly can be, every single day. I am incredibly strong, eternally optimistic and I believe in myself fully. I survived kidnapping and attempted murder and I chose to let that make me, instead of break me. This is a lovely idea for a competition and I would LOVE to win - would be a great birthday present as well ;)
    Twitter: @_aimless

  17. I love being me because I have an enormous passion for dance!
    Having the ability to tell stories without speaking & creating emotion through my movement is a very special gift to have :) Dancing is my soul food!
    Twitter: Just_Me_Tee

  18. Simple: My life, all of it :)


    I love this a LOT.


  20. I love that I can almost always find something to laugh about - it always helps me enjoy the good times, and carries me through the bad.

  21. I am unique. I am different. I am, to me, an unusual beauty. I bear a scar from the birth of a child. It is a daily reminder of the beauty that I created and life I gave. I am awkward, but I don't care.

    I am me. I am life. This is my beauty. This is what I love about myself.

  22. Cos I'm awesome :) and its taken me a while to realise this, but now that I do, I love it! I'm clumsy, I say the wrong things, I have lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, but I wouldnt change a thing. I've had the most incredible experiences and the best lesson in life is I've learnt to laugh at myself, which gives me endless hours of happiness and giggles. I used to hate myself, my personality and my body. For years I was convinced I wanted to legally change my name, but I'm glad this has passed and I've learnt to love me for my uniqueness rather than comparing myself to other people who I can never be, and who can definately never be me!

    1. OOops i'm also blonde and forget things, like including my email in this post ha ha!

      twitter: @therealruthmary

  23. I love that I’m quirky, I love that I’m flawed,
    I love that my life will never be bored.
    I don’t look like others; I don’t fit the mould,
    But honey my body, can keep you from the cold.
    I love that I’m curvy and not a size two,
    Not to say that I’m gigantic and belong in a zoo.
    My hair touches my shoulders just like little kids do,
    Yes you guess right, I’m under the metre 2!
    Pick me to win the shoot, I’m sure to entertain,
    I’m humble and down to earth, very far from vain.
    I look forward to your email, should I win this one,
    Look forward to the announcement, good luck all this should be fun!

    Twitter: @TammyDollie

  24. Just need to show that I can be a yummy mummy :)

  25. I love that I *am* finally learning to love myself. It has taken 29 years to get to this point, but I don't want to hide myself behind baggy hoodies, big backpacks and non-descriptive colours anymore. I love that I'm trying to open up to the people around me and not just fobbing them off with vague answers when they ask me about myself. I used to hate photographs, taking any opportunity not to be in them, applying for this competition is a shining example of what I'm saying above. This photoshoot would help me launch Kate 2.0 to the world!

    Twitter: KateHodges_CT

  26. I love being me because no one else will ever be like me. Proud to be myself and aspire to always be true to myself and what I stand for. Everyone has the power to bring something truly unique in the world - so use your strength, beauty, humility and the power to let yourself shine.

    Twitter: TheFrenchLife

  27. I love about myself mostly: how much I love other people. Not only because I love having so many wonderful people touch and shape my life, but also because I realise that how I impact other people ultimately defines who I am.

    Loving yourself stems from being happy and fulfilled. And you can achieve that by caring for other people: whether acting as a mentor, a true friend or a role model, donating things to people who are less fortunate, or even just being able to understand how random acts of kindness can impact others in every-day-situations.

    There is no use in measuring your worth by perishable and superficial things such as how much money you have, how good your looks are deemed by society, or how many influential people you might know. Lasting happiness or fulfilment cannot come from those things, as you're always left wanting more.

    - Self love doesn't derive from how other people THINK you are beautiful or important, it derives from BEING a beautiful and important person to others. -

    We are all lovable and beautiful when we impact other peoples lives positively. And how could we not love someone like that, especially ourselves?

    And that's what I love about myself mostly: how much I love other people.

    twitter: @LyssaFischer